November 21, 2012

Just like that…

I fell in love with eyebrows.

Ever since a long time ago,

I’ve started thinking about nothing but eyebrows.

All I want is for no one to be able to tell the difference.

I do not want to change eyebrows

so that people will be able to tell that something is diff...

November 21, 2012

Men's natural eyebrow......................

Now many people are taking interest in semi permanent eyebrow makeup.

If you have -
**thin eyebrow

**unbalanced eyebrow.
**only half the eyebrow..
**scar on eyebrow.
**desire to look younger and more attractive
**and to have sty...

November 13, 2012

1. Whey doing eyelash extensions, too much curl in each eyelash can make the overall look less organized and they will drop out faster.

·      속눈썹 연장시 컬이 너무 심하면 쉽게 뒤틀어지고 방향이 단정하지 않을 뿐더러 빨리 떨어질 수 있다....

November 13, 2012

Our Breathing Eyebrows

Our eyebrows want to take in fresh, clean air...

They want to feel the breeze…

And feel the scent of flowers…

For this reason,

If you apply makeup (sunscreen lotion, foundation, powder) 

that covers the eyebrows...

November 2, 2012

Like the water flows…

I am very fond of that saying.

In a forest, all the trees are different.

Many people wrongly assume that they should get semi-permanent makeup

Simply because “everyone else is getting it.”

But then everyone would look the same—a rather dull, and sad oc...

November 1, 2011

Semi-Permanent Makeup on the Lips

It is understandable for you to have many concerns regarding semi-permanent makeup.

What will I do about the color…won’t it look too bright?

Won’t my lips be too swollen for me to go anywhere else besides my home right after the applicati...

January 15, 2010

**** Sherri's Eyebrow ****

I would love a permanent eyebrow makeup....

But What if people ask me, did you get a tattoo?.

I hate to see my dark eyebrows that make me look like I put on makeup when in fact I didn't...

I might not be able to go out for a few days after I get...

January 6, 2010

**** Sherri's Eyeliner ****

Sherry's eyeliner semi permanent makeup ....

it's a quiet form of art.

We use the method of thinly drawing in between eyelashes like filling in.

It is inconvenient to draw the inner side of the eyeliner,

and frequent make-ups are the causes of bl...

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