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"I am a person who draws eyebrows. 

In those eyebrows, I leave space for future.

In those eyebrows, I leave space for nature.

I wish to draw eyebrows that provide change and freedom."




   "It is my hope that I can help your eyebrows shine and gleam, like the feathers of the beautiful birds."




"Semi-permanent tattoo doesn't eliminate the need for make up, but rather simply gives definition to your natural face."







In my studio,







and I..


come together to create a fine masterpiece.



Sherri has met countless number of clients with different styles and skin types.

She always studies new eyebrows and new skins, making efforts to develop her skills more,

solely for her clients' satisfaction.





"Our style and fashion change all the time. 

We need semi-permanent eyebrow make -up that can be changed,

rather than something that lasts for a long time."







Certificates, Licenses and Permits

  • Registered Body Art Practitioner - Certification No. #SR0030605



  • Public Health Operating Permit - PR0167510


  • Esthetician License No. z 86216



  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Training Program Certification No. 00607


  • American Academy of Micropigmentation Associate Member




She loves traveling and being in a nature, which she frequently does.


Sherri Eyebrow Studio

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