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Eyeliners (lash enhancement)

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Done in just a couple of minutes.

Super thin line (in between lashes)

Quick and easy !

Our eyeliner tattoo will make you very happy immediately

It is not visible when you close your eyes,

but will make your eyes look more defined when you open your eyes.


We use the method of drawing a very natural and thin line in between eyelashes.


***In most cases, our clients are fine right after the procedure to go back to work or go on a date night. However, If you have extra sensitive skin or if you have used an eyelash enhancement products in the past, there may be some downtime. Your eyes could experience swelling on the day of the procedure and the swelling could last up to next couple of days. 










What is an eyeliner tattoo?

 - For a natural, age-erasing look, a thin line can be drawn in between where the eyelashes are.


How long does it take?

  - 1 hr.


When does it start looking natural?

 - From the very first day. However, if you have extra sensitive skin, your eyes might be swollen on the day of, and for couple more days after the procedure. Not everybody gets swollen eyes but it is possible. If you have a special event, I would avoid getting it done right before the event in case of minor swelling.


What if I want to extend the tail of the eyeliner tattoo?

 - It is more natural not to extend the outer corner with at a tattoo.

  We highly recommend drawing that part in…


How much does it hurt?

 - Although the procedure might seem painful, it is quick and easy to endure

since the actual procedure lasts for about a couple minutes. We will apply multiple layers of numbing cream

prior to the procedure. It's definitely bearable, and the most common comments from clients have been:

"It wasn't that bad!" and "Totally worth it."


Can I drive back home after the tattoo? or go back to work?

 - In most cases, Yes and Yes! But again, If you have extra sensitive skin, your eyes might be swollen on the day of, and for couple more days after the procedure.


How long does it last?

 - It will last several years depending on your skin type.


When can I start taking a shower or putting on makeup?

 - You can wash your face from the very first day and continue to wear makeup everywhere except the eyeliner and mascara.


What if my eyes are differently shaped?

 - Everybody’s left and right side are slightly different. Sherri will try her best to adjust them to look more balanced.


Bottom eyeliner?

 - We recommend a bottom eyeliner tattoo if you draw every day.

Sherri does the bottom liner very light and natural. Many of our clients are very satisfied,

especially after the bottom eyeliner tattoo. So easy and no pain! 

Top and bottom eyeliner tattoo by Sherri 

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