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Eyelash Extension

We especially do very natural style - similar length or just slightly longer than your own lashes. Not too dramatic or noticeable ! They will feel very light and comfortable.

If there's a special occasion, we highly recommend getting it done!


Hairline Tattoo

If you have some lighter hair part where you can see the skins/scalp, it can be filled in with a hair-stroke tattoo. By hiding those hair-stroke tattoos between your own hair, you'll see less skin but as if you have fuller hair in that area. 



Freckles tattoo is becoming more and more popular! We have many models, artists, and younger clients visiting to get Sherri's natural freckle tattoo.


Seriously, no one will ever know. They will fade away in couple months or after 1-2 years which is why they look more natural!


Beauty Mark 

Tired of drawing beauty mark in everyday? Right under your eye, on your cheek, or close to your lips, we can create a beauty mark to add a cute point to your natural beauty.


Scar / Skin camouflage

If you have a scar or skin camouflage, we can color in that area to closely match the natural color of your skin. Sherri will carefully examine the area during the consultation and will work with each client to customize the color of the pigment.


Saline Tattoo Removal

Do you have a previous tattoo that turned into blue, red, or orange? we offer a saline removal procedure which can help the previous pigments become significantly lighter. This may require 1-4 sessions depending on each condition. 

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