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Men's Eyebrows

All before and after photos taken on the same day. no photoshop applied !


Sherri and Green's eyebrow style is very natural looking for everyone.


If you have:

  • thin eyebrows

  • unbalanced eyebrows

  • only half of an eyebrow

  • a scar where the eyebrow hair no longer grows

  • a desire to look younger and more attractive



...or simply want to have more stylish eyebrows, please come in for consulting.



We will focus on coming up with a customized style for you, and make your eyebrows look more handsome in a short time with only a little change :)

Our semi-permanent makeup is special because it looks just like your natural eyebrows (but better/more enhanced), and nobody will be able to tell even on the day you got them done...





When does it start looking natural?

  - Right away. 


Can I apply makeup after getting the eyebrow tattoo?

  - Yes, makeup can be applied everywhere except the eyebrows.


What is Sherri's technique called?

  - Semi-permanent hair-stroke tattoos. 


When can I wash my face, take a shower, or workout?

  - Yes, just no soap on eyebrows for 1 week. You can workout even on the same day.


How long does it take?
  - 1 hour.

Does it hurt?
  - Nope! (We have a very good numbing cream...)

Is there any downtime?
  - No downtime. You can go back to work immediately after.


What color should I use?

  - Natural-looking brows are achieved by using a color that's close to your own brows. 
I custom-blend to very closely match your eyebrow color.


What shape should I get?
  - I can customize during the consultation.


What if my eyebrows are uneven?

  - Everyone's eyebrows are slightly uneven because of different muscle/bone structure. Sometimes there might be more hair on one side than the other side. Sherri will try her best to balance them out and show you as she goes so it's very easy to make adjustments.


When should I get a touch-up?
  - Depending on your skin type, a touch-up may be needed anywhere from 6 months up to 3 years. 


What if I have a sensitive skin?

  - Sherri has experience with many different skin types. Her technique is very gentle so if you have a sensitive skin, your skin area might turn red but should go away in a day or two.


Is it possible to correct the eyebrow tattoo that I had before?

  - If the color is dark, it can be easily removed with a laser by a dermatologist, and you can have a new, natural eyebrow after three months. If the color remains as orange or red, it can be corrected right away.


What If I have empty spots from scars?

  - Sherri can cover the scar area and fill in the empty space.


Do I need to make an appointment for a consultation?

  - Yes. We offer a complimentary consultation so please call us to schedule an appointment.

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