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Like the water flows…

I am very fond of that saying.

In a forest, all the trees are different.

Many people wrongly assume that they should get semi-permanent makeup

Simply because “everyone else is getting it.”

But then everyone would look the same—a rather dull, and sad occurrence.

Sometimes, things are more beautiful

In their natural, untouched state.

Like the flowing river or the trees in the forest,

There are circumstances when

Things are just more breathtakingly beautiful in their natural state.

There are, however, some cases when a little alteration may be necessary.

And even so, it is important to find a careful balance so that some things are left alone.

One should not want to keep changing things…

A little bit here, a little bit there....A little more here…another slight touch here…

If one keeps wanting to change things,

There might be a point when one comes to regret what one has done.


Only wish to relate the importance of balance.

Although some change may be necessary,

It is important to not change so much that

Everyone ends up looking the same.

I can help you find that delicate balance

Through my natural looking semi-permanent make-up.

As you may have already discerned from my writing above,

I am somewhat of a supporter of natural conservation.

If I did not love nature,

I’m not sure I would have met the many wonderful people I know today.

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