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I visited Sherri's studio on Saturday, March 30, 2013...

I visited Sherri's studio Saturday March 30, 2013, after reading such great reviews on here. I live in Miami, Florida, and flew all the way to LA to see Sherri and I'm SO glad that I did!!

I plucked and waxed all my baby hairs away through high school and no matter what, castor oil, Vaseline, vitamins, biotin, even rogaine would NOT grow my eyebrows the way I wanted them. They were sparse and uneven until I looked into semi permanent make up and Sherri's studio came up! She does the individual feather stroke hairs so it's NATURAL, at least that's what I read on yelp and her website. I was so nervous Because eyebrow tattooing sounds crazy and can turn out weird and bad in the hands of the wrong person!

I've been filling in my brows heavily for a Long time, felt so insecure when I didn't have my eyebrows on. Semi permanent makeup was the next thing on my list so I didn't have to worry about "putting on my eyebrows" every day. Now I don't have to!!

Sherri is soooo sweet and so is her assistant! I felt so comfortable and the process is how the other girls on here say. She even stops mid way to let u check in the mirror so you know what she is Doing and you feel more comfortable. She KNOWS her stuff! She knows exactly what to do to make your brows match your face naturally, the end results made me want to cry- it was a miracle, I had eyebrows!' They look sooo good!! The redness went away in an hour, and the next day is even better! She matches the color to your natural brow color, and the process is fast. I was in and out in less than an hour!

Since I don't live there I have 1 whole year to come back for my FREE Touch up where ill get her to add more hairs, I can't wait!! I love my brows now and will be visiting Sherri for the rest of my life!!

Pain is minor- eyes might water but just bear it, breathe, relax, it's over fast and so worth it. And $300 is nothing compared to other prices out there, and you get a free second visit! I give her 5 stars!



This review has been filtered, but I'm sharing this post, hoping that it's helpful!

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