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Sherri's LA Eyebrows Studio


I am aware that when you come up the stairs to the second floor,

One step at a time, you do so with great curiosity, wariness,

Nervousness, and even perhaps dread.

You know you have to since your eyebrows are lacking

And until now, you've endured many temptations and have convinced yourself

So many times that you don't need to have them done...

So much that you're afraid to have them done now.

But after seeing your friends after they got theirs done,

You can't help but wonder:

Would it turn out okay for me, too?

And that is why, you, my customer, are very precious to me.

Knowing that you chose to trust me despite your fears and precautions,

I carefully inspect and work with your eyebrows

Since I understand what it must feel like to come here for the first time.

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