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Incompleteness... After a song is composed, One by one, each instrument comes onto stage to practice each part And later on, in another time, the song is adapted and played once more, Moving another audience to tears. In a similar way, I remember the eyebrows that come to me, Long after they leave the tips of my fingers. The day after I work on them and the day after that, I ponder about this and that in order to better my work.

Like this, a year passes and I'm soon able to meet those eyebrows again.

When this happens, I'm very happy to see them and greet them by asking,

Have you been well?

Have you lived a good life after leaving my fingertips?

I've been waiting for you...

Unbeknownst to the eyebrows' owner,

I apply my small changes to the eyebrows.

A dialogue between me and the eyebrows...

Next year, I'll show you more new things..

"I'd love a permanent eyebrow, but I'm not sure...what if people asks me if I got a tattoo?"

"I don't want dark, fake-looking eyebrows that make me look like I have makeup on when, in fact, I don't…" "I may not be able to go out for a few days after I get it." "What if I want to change my style, but the tattoo remains forever?" I think it would be great if women didn't put on makeup, but work on improving their natural skin instead. But I would like to help you restore balance when your eyebrows need a little help. Clients trust me with their eyebrows, and that trust is the most precious to me in the world.

I don't want your eyebrows to stand out so that everyone will notice.

They should be natural and beautiful.

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