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Men's natural eyebrow

Men's eyebrow - right after the tattoo

Men's natural eyebrow......................

Now many people are taking interest in semi permanent eyebrow makeup.

If you have - **thin eyebrow

**unbalanced eyebrow. **only half the eyebrow.. **scar on eyebrow. **desire to look younger and more attractive **and to have stylish eyebrow of your own, Please come for consulting.

We will focus on a customized style for you, and help you

turn into a great looking man in a short time with only a little change. Sherri's semi permanent makeup is special because

it is just like your eyebrow, and

nobody can tell even on the day you got it,

as touch up is made slightly on the

desired area only.

It is better if you retouch it after 1 to 4 years after the makeup. "Cool guy...Today, get the source of confidence nobody will notice. .."

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