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Semi-Permanent Makeup on the Lips

Semi-Permanent Makeup on the Lips

It is understandable for you to have many concerns regarding semi-permanent makeup.

What will I do about the color…won’t it look too bright?

Won’t my lips be too swollen for me to go anywhere else besides my home right after the application?

The answer to both questions, is no.

Although your lips will be a little red for 5-7 days, it will not be so bad that you won’t be able to leave the house after the treatment.

And even the redness can be worked to your advantage with the right outfit.

And after a week,

the redness will fade into a light pink color

that will compliment the color of your face.

Although some customers come with a firm idea of which color they want on their lips,

I recommend you consult with me before making your choice.

It is also highly advisable to consult me if you wish to widen the shape of your lips

(usually, a maximum width of 1 mm is enough).

This is because semi-permanent makeup isn’t something that you can just erase when you remove your makeup at night.

Also, if the shape is too wide, it might leave messy traces once the makeup starts to fade.

Since semi-permanent makeup on the lips has more risk of looking unnatural than on the eyebrows or on the eyeline,

I am usually reluctant to offer it.

Since the color-producing melanin on the lips is derived from the blood capillaries,

certain colors might not look natural when applied.

Although there are many colors available, the most natural colors are:

A light pink reminiscent of youth or a slightly brighter red.

It is important to remember that the color of the lips is framed by the face itself.

After you get semi=permanent make-up on the lips,

your lips will look healthily bright even when you wear no makeup besides the slightest touch of lip gloss.

The best results can be seen in people who have:

  • Lips that have a naturally pale color

  • Lips that have sustained an injury so that they have no natural color

  • Lips that are have a naturally bluish tint

  • Lips that have lost their natural color due to an over-application of makeup

  • Lips that do not have a definite shape

It is important to find someone who has lots of experience in lip semi-permanent makeup.

I will be happy to help you even though all you may be looking for is a consultation.


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