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Our Breathing Eyebrows

November 13, 2012


Our Breathing Eyebrows


Our eyebrows want to take in fresh, clean air...


They want to feel the breeze…

And feel the scent of flowers…


For this reason,

If you apply makeup (sunscreen lotion, foundation, powder) 

that covers the eyebrows                                                   
so that they are unable to breathe 

and do not take care to specifically clean the eyebrows

when removing makeup at night,  


your eyebrows will lose their luster.


Do you remember the last time 

you saw the natural luster of your hair and eyebrows,

other than the time right after you took a shower?


During the long course of night,            

when your eyebrows’ pores are blocked by the residue 

of carelessly removed makeup, 

new hairs are not able to grow,         

causing your eyebrows to gradually lose their vibrancy.


You can prevent this by making sure to take the simple, easy step  

of carefully removing the makeup on your eyebrows 

every evening

so that no residue will be left over. 



the hairs on your eyebrows

will naturally become stronger 

and more lustrous on their own.

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